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Horror - Supernatural Blu-ray - The Complete Fifth Season

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Supernatural The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray
Jared Palecki, Jensen Ackles
Originally aired 2009-10
22 Episodes 4 discs
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Supernatural is a kick-ass horror TV show you do not want to get into without a character playbook. Each episode begins with a story-so-far but that is not enough. Supernatural The Complete Fifth Season is a four Blu-ray disc 22 episode set and features all the scary stuff and special effects the series has established as par. It is thin when it comes to special features. Warning: clips may include spoilers.

Supernatural Clip 1   Clip 2    Clip 3    Clip 4    Clip 5   Clip 6

The Winchester brothers were ghost busters trained by their father to investigate and eliminate monsters and things that went bump in the night in part to figure out which supernatural being killed their mother and why. Then the show got much more serious.  In Supernatural The Complete Fifth Season Sean and Dean are fighting the devil and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Supernatural Clip 7    Clip 8    Clip 9   Clip 10

Especially good episodes include Good God Y all where everybody in a town is a demon, and Fallen Idols where celebrities and Paris Hillton kill off their biggest fan. Disc two features Changing Channels with a killer rip on CSI Miami. Disc three includes an episode where Sam and Dean meet their parents in 78 and a Night of the Living Dead episode (the beginning with the guy watching a nature show is really cool).

Episode 19 features all the gods who had not shown up in the series before.

The green screen effects used in Supernatural are sometimes weak. This is especially true of the scene when Dean looks outside the hotel window at the beginning of episode 4.

Fans have come to expect each episode to have a groaner like "He exploded like a water balloon full of Chunky soup" so the ham-fisted writing is still there.

All said, this is an excellent season of a very good horror TV show.

Supernatural Season 5 is also available as a 6 DVD set but this show really rocks on Blu-ray.

Special features on Supernatural The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray or DVD are: Apocalypse Survival Guides - Bobby's Exclusive Video Collection; Ghostfacers: The Web Series; Producer/Writer Commentary on Episode 4; Unaired Scene from Episode 9; a 10-minute Gag Reel
Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete First Season:

Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete Season 4:

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