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Action - The Bridge On The River Kwai Blu-ray Collector s Edition

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The Bridge on the River Kwai Blu-ray
Alec Guinness, William Holden, Sessue Hayakawa
Directed by David Lean
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

Winner of 7 Academy Awards, The Bridge on the River Kwai is absolutely superb on Blu-ray. High Definition really makes this grandiose epic pop out of the screen. The Bridge on the River Kwai Blu-ray Collector's Edition comes in a 30-page digibook with various texts giving background information on the movie. It also features reproductions of the original lobby stills and a DVD copy. This Blu-ray set is a must for any fan of this David Lean classic.

Is The Bridge on the River Kwai a movie about the madness of war as suggested by its final scene? Is it about a contest of wills between two men, Saito and Colonel Nicholson, is it about the importance of order and purpose in trying circumstances, or the folly of pride? Everyone pretty much has an individual focus on what this classic is about.

High definition Blu-ray is most effective in the jungle scenes in the second half of The Bridge on the River Kwai for that is where detail becomes really apparent. Overall though the entire movie benefits from the treatment so the scene with the soldiers standing at attention in the sun almost heats up the room.

Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Features: William Holden and Alec Guinness on The Steve Allen Show; The Bridge on the River Kwai Premiere, Narrated by William Holden; Crossing the Bridge:  Picture-in-Graphics Track: Includes information on the progression of the bridge's construction, the challenges of creating a bridge in the jungle during wartime, the real POW experience, and a book to screen comparison. Original Trailers. DVD of the restored film; Making of The Bridge on the River Kwai; USC short film introduced by William Holden; "An Appreciation" by Filmmaker John Milius; "Rise and Fall of a Jungle Giant"; Photo Gallery; Replicas of the original theatrical lobby cards

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