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Action - Knight and Day - Action Comedy

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Knight and Day
Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruize
Directed by James Mangold
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

A movie that is good enough you forget you are watching Tom Cruise definitely has something going for it. Knight and Day also stars Cameron Diaz as an innocent caught up in a web of intrigue, chases, and gunplay. Diaz does not do much more than a variation on her Charlie's Angels character but who cares. Knight and Day is a very enjoyable action comedy.

Cruise, yech, is Roy Miller, secret agent or a turncoat secret agent depending on whose story you believe. Diaz is June Havens who is on her way to her baby sister's wedding. The two end up on the same plane, the plane is full of bad guys, the multitalented Miller lands the plane in a cornfield, and June Havens wakes up in her own bed, breakfast is ready, and the mysterious stranger is gone.

Agents follow June in the hope Miller will contact her again June thinks the agents are bad guys even after they tell her Miler is the bad guy. Everybody goes around chasing everybody else around so lots of stuff gets blown up, crashed into, and so on. What makes it fun is the implausibility of the Miller character, the witty dialogue, and the off kilter character of June Havens. Havens is no shrinking violet and proves to have a certain talent for all this spy stuff.

The mystery has to do with a new, portable power source. There is a scene on the same train as the one in From Russia With Love that is clearly a nod to James Bond.

Eventually, who is who is sorted out and everybody gets what they deserve.

Knight and Day has a lot of action and all of it is really well done. The movie is also very funny and very entertaining.

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