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Action - Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook

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Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook
Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Michael Caine
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Originally released 2005
Warner Home Video 2011

The Blu-ray Batman Begins Steelbook edition is a marketing gimmick to repackage the release but it is a rather cool gimmick. This edition has nothing extra in terms of special features compared to the Batman Begins Two-DVD or Blu-ray releases. Many are back story and behind the scenes stuff. A fun one is the spoof Tankman Begins.

This Batman starring Christian Bale in the title role and directed by Christopher Nolan rewrites a majority of the mytharc. Purists will be annoyed, fans of a decent action or superhero movie -if Batman is indeed a superhero as such-will be entertained. An annoying thing is Dolby 5.1 and not True HD the default setting on this disc

This version of the DC Comics hero has a twenty-something Bruce Wayne travelling the world to find himself. He ends up in some Asian monastery where they train ninja style. Wayne returns to Gotham City and becomes crime-fighter Batman.

There are a few too many plot elements and set-up scenes in Batman Begins. 140 minutes really is a bit much for a rather thin main story. Dropping another plot element at the one-hour mark does not help.

Villains include mobster-like Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson), Liam Neeson,  a criminal organization, and the usual weird nemesis; this time it is Scarecrow; not the best Batman villain ever.

Katie Holmes plays Gotham City prosecutor Rachel Dawes. She falls victim to some form of mind control but it is not certain she is cured at the end of the movie

Michael Caine is quite good as Alfred the butler while Morgan Freeman takes a turn as the inventor who creates all of the Batman s gadgets.

Batman Begins is not the best movie in the franchise but it is fun to watch on a rainy day kind of thing.

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