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Westerns - Wyatt Earp Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Wyatt Earp Blu-ray
Kevin Costner, Denis Quaid, Gene Hackman
Directed by Laurence Kasdan
Originally released 1997
Warner Home Entertainment 2011
191 minutes

Now available with The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford in a two Blu-ray disc set, Wyatt Earp Blu-ray is a good if too long for its own good western. There is an almost documentary aspect to this western that does not quite work. Kevin Costner downplays Earp to the point the title character becomes just like any other Costner character. This movie is really for fans of the genre with a bit of patience.

The first forty minutes or so of this western are interesting but knowing about the time young Wyatt tried to run away from home and join the union troops, drove a wagon, or killed many buffalo with the Masterson brothers reveal little about the character that is not said in a scene where his father (Gene Hackman) gives him advice and the scene where he reveals he has yet to kill a man.

Director Laurence Kasdan has a good eye for western settings but there are quite a few scenes that serve little to move the story forward if at all. Many of these are set in Dodge where Wyatt Earp is Sheriff or Deputy. These story elements are repeated almost exactly later on when the Earps move to Tombstone and are again lawmen. After a while you just wish the movie would get to the famous shootout.

The shootout at the O.K. Corral is historically accurate. You also have to give the movie credit for not overplaying and aggrandizing it .Another one of the good things about this western is it tells the story of what happened after the O.K. Corral

Special features on Wyatt Earp Blu-ray are Lifted scenes; It Happened That Way documentary; Vintage TV special Wyatt Earp: Walk with a legend; Theatrical trailer

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