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Documentary - Madagascar Blu-ray - BBC Earth

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Amazon page

BBC Earth - Madagascar Blu-ray
David Attenborough
3 Episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Warner Home Video 2011

A BBC Earth documentary Blu-ray is always a visual treat and interesting. The 3 episode Madagascar – The Land Where Evolution Ran Wild is no exception. Narrated by David Attenborough, the 2 disc set looks at the very varied flora and fauna of the island.  This is escapism and nature TV at its best.

The one thing you know for certain after watching Madagascar Blu-ray is there are lemurs on the island. Lots and lots and lots of different kinds and sizes of lemurs.

Madagascar was cut off from other continents millennia ago. Consequently, the animals and plants there evolved on their own without outside influence. This makes for some of the strangest and most colorful animals around.

Also adding to the variety of flora and fauna is the fact Madagascar has three very different sectors. The tropical east side of the river is quite a contrast to the desertic south west tip of the island and the rocky west side.

This being a BBC Earth program the pictures are of course spectacular and the commentary informative but not intrusive.

Special features are also quite interesting. David Attenborough and the Egg is a fifty minute program on the huge eggshell the naturalist got on Madagascar fifty years ago and his quest to understand something about the bird that would have laid it, a creature sometimes called Elephant Bird. This is presented in high definition with standard definition for clips from Attenborough’s show fifty years ago

The other is a feature on lemurs.

BBC Planet Earth - Volume 2: Visually wonderful 3 documentary DVD on Deserts, Caves, and Icy Worlds but little new in terms of information.

BBC Planet Earth Volume 1: Stunning footage, great narration, great series.

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