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Documentary - Elvis Found Alive

Amazon page
Amazon page

Elvis Found Alive
Elvis Presley, Jon Burrows, Joel Gilbert
Directed by Joel Gilbert
MVD 2012
128 minutes

Three weeks before the release of Elvis Found Alive and the conspiracy theory is alive and well on the DVD’s Amazon page. This is an original and interesting fauxcumentary – meaning it is FALSE--about a film maker (Joel Gilbert) discovering Elvis is alive and well in the Witness Protection Program. Even if you are not an Elvis fan, this DVD is fun if a bit long. You do have to get past the atrocious acting in the set-up to meeting Elvis.

Film maker Joel Gilbert uses the Freedom Of Information Act to get the files on Elvis Presley. The documents arrive but the blacked out sections are covered in fresh ink. Gilbert and his crew wash away the black ink and discover Jon Burrows, an Elvis alias, is alive and receiving government cheques. All Gilbert has to do is go to Simi Valley and knock on Jon Burrows’ door for a seventy something Elvis to open and agree to an interview. Burrows / Presley agrees to.

The first half of Elvis Found Alive is the usual biographical stuff about Presley that is probably all accurate. I am less certain about Elvis/Burrows affirmation his life followed the events in Captain Marvel Jr. comic books though a very good case is made.

The second half is about Elvis’ undercover work, his fake death, and his life since. It seems Elvis had always been a DEA agent and his work helped bring down the Weather Underground and the Mafia. Elvis had to go in the witness protection program when a contract was put on him.

Even the information in the fictional second half of Elvis Found Alive sounds plausible though the connection made between the Weather Underground, Obama, and national socialism is just ignunt redneck tea party crap.

A little research will show Gilbert does manipulate some things. For example, the Captain Marvel Jr. 24 cover where Captain Marvel battles the Weathermen was changed from the original where he battles the Weather Man.

Special features are a dozen or so new recordings by Elvis himself.

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