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Science Fiction - Primeval: New World - Space beginning Oct 29th 10 p.m.

Primeval: New World - Space beginning Oct 29th 10 p.m.
Primeval New World
Space Mondays 10 P.M.
Premieres Oct 29th

Jurassic Park meets Torchwood in Primeval New World a Canadian spin-off of Primeval airing on Space. Primeval New World premieres Monday Oct 29th at 10 p.m. You really do not need to be familiar with the original British series to appreciate the spin-off as its mytharc works independently.

Evan Cross is a very rich high tech entrepreneur in Vancouver. He spends a lot of his time chasing anomalies, or what Ford Prefect called “Eddies in the wash” in Hitchhiker's Guide 3. This is connected to the big-ass bird that pecked a parachutist to death the night before. Dylan Weird, a Vancouver animal control specialist, helps the investigation of the parachutist's death and connects with Evan Cross and a couple of his employees.

It turns out the anomalies are time disturbances that allow dinosaurs to migrate from their time to ours. There is also a hint in the first Primeval New World episode these time disturbances may also open onto the future.

If you like sci-fi or SF, dinosaurs, action, other manly things, you are really going to enjoy this Canadian production. It is far above the Canadian norm in terms of production values, talent, and budget. Hell, the show is even more visually interesting than 90% of  Cancon viewers normally get to see and, yes, the British Columbia setting helps there.

Look for Lorne Cardinal, the cop in Corner Gas, in the second episode where an Amerindian legend comes to life.

I only with Space had sent me more than the first two episodes of Primeval New World. Guess I'll have to tune in Mondays at 10 p.m. to see the rest of this series.

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