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Horror - Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas

Written, Directed, Produced by Michael Sherhenovich
MAS Effect Entertainment 2012

Bloody Christmas needs a staunch warning to even the most hardened Killer Santa fetishist out there. Of course, this ain’t no Miracle on 34th Street. No one would expect it to be. But it’s no Black Christmas either. Hell, as far a Yuletide Horror movies are concerned, it doesn’t even hold a spice-scented candle up to Christmas Evil.

Bloody Christmas vacillates between over the top violence (to be commercial) and depressing scenes to emphasize the character’s despair (to be important). It tells the story of an over the hill action movie star who is reduced to playing Santa on public access TV while struggling with serious repressed violence issues. Meanwhile, there’s a killer priest on the loose. Eventually, both these tawdry stories converge in a bloody mess. Before that happens, though, it’s one long boring slag.

There’s a tendency with some reviewers to be lenient with low budgeted, independent efforts.

I disagree with that approach for one simple reason: while a low budget might justify low production values, it does not forgive incoherent storytelling. There are rules to filmmaking and viewers appreciate filmmakers who spent at least as much time reading up on those rules as they are expecting their viewers to sit through their “genius’ epic.

It’s not doing anyone any favors to and contributes to the self-delusion of a really bad filmmaker.  For all we know, his pursuit of a filmmaking career may be denying Wal-Mart their best greeter ever.

I’d worry about hiring the director of this lump of coal as a Santa, though.

[Note: I think we can safely assume Shershenovich drives a Silver PT Cruiser. It’s parked in just about every outdoor scene of the film.]

Extra features for Bloody Christmas are Deleted Scenes, Cast Interviews, and trailer

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