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Gadgets - Kirk Flash Drive 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot

Kirk Flash Drive 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot

Kirk Mimobot USB Key
8 to 64 gb

Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy coooollllllllll.  What other possible reaction can there be to a Kirk USB key? If you are looking for a really cool and original Christmas present or stocking stuffer the Mimobot Kirk flash drive is a guaranteed hit.

This 8gb flash drive from Mimobot is but one of the models available in the Star Trek series. Others include Data, Picard, and, of course, Mr. Spock. Sizes available are 8, 16, 32, and 64 gb.


The usk keys come with material related to the TNG Blu-ray releases, commercials for Star Trek ornaments, 8 comic books, and sound clips to make your use of the Kirk usb key that much more fun. Of couse, there are wallpapers and icons and avatars.

A couple of caveats just so I do not sound like a shill for this really cool Mimobot Kirk usb key. One, it would have been nice to include a little hook or something so one can tie a lanyard to the key so as not to lose it. The Mimomicro keys have that feature. Two, the key is not totally idiot (aka me) proof so getting the comic book to read is a little complicated even after I RTFM.

A visit to Mimobot.com is also de rigueur for anyone who is or loves a science fiction fan or geek –yes, they are two separate entitities sometimes. There you will find flash drive featuring superheroes, Star Wars, three different Emily Strange, Einstein, Hello Kitty, Transformers, and anime characters I have never heard of from series like Tokidoki and Sanrio. Maybe next year they will have Doctor Who stuff?

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