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Documentary - To The Arctic Blu-ray and 3D

To The Arctic Blu-ray and 3D

To The Arctic Blu-ray and 3D
Narrated by Meryl Streep
Warner Home Video 2013
40 minutes

To The Arctic is a 40-minute Imax documentary narrated by Meryl Streep. The Blu-ray features a bonus 3D version which I am sure is just as beautiful as the show itself. It is indeed a show more than a documentary. This is abundantly clear considering the soundtrack features a series of Paul McCartney's “silly love songs” including one about a willow. I am still not sure what a song about a willow has to do with polar bears, caribou, sea lions, global warming, ice, or the arctic.

The focus of To The Arctic is a mother bear and her two cubs. There are asides about caribou migrating to Alaska and sea lions. These kind of feel like informational and visual filler.

The show aspect taking precedence over the documentary aspect takes a lot away from the global warming issue central to this presentation. Global warming has made ice packs fewer and fewer so bears have much further to swim to get to another ice pack and sometimes swim until they drown. To The Arctic mentions report of a mother bear and her cub who had to swim for 9 days and 400 miles and that the cub did not make it.

Another way global warming threatens polar bears is there are fewer and fewer seal so male bears are known to attack and kill bear cubs. The mother bear in this show has to fend off four different attacks in five days.

To The Arctic is interesting enough and a nice way to really show off high definition and 3D TV but not a really serious documentary.

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