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Horror - Panic Button - Space starting April 30th 10 p.m.

Panic Button - Space starting April 30th 10 p.m.
Panic Button
Begins April 30th 10 p.m.

Panic Button is a Fear Factor knockoff with a bit of Total Blackout tossed in. Contestants must confront what they say is their biggest fear such as snakes, spiders, and being on a really bad pseudo-reality TV show. They must get through four different levels to be declared the lesser loser of the bunch. The show premieres Tuesday April 30th at 10 p.m on Space.

Each contestant is dressed in a red jumpsuit and wears a helmet cam. They are then sent in a labyrinth where they encounter the things that scare them. The suit has a panic button attached, hence the title of the show, and they can always quit by pushing the panic button. Viewers can best participate in the show by pressing the button marked “Off” on their remote.

The contestants are your garden variety idiot. The oddest has to be Kayvon, a guy who got his martial arts from a few too many episodes of Honk Kong Phooey. One contestant lasts a whole twenty seconds but proves she can scream better than Jamie Lee Curtis.

This show is horrible. Whatever else is on, it is better than Panic Button.

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