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Documentary - BBC Earth: Great White Shark: A Living Legend

BBC Earth: Great White Shark: A Living Legend

Great White Shark: A Living Legend
Documentary DVD
BBC Home Entertainment 2013
50 minutes

BBC Earth DVDs are a must for any nature documentary fan. Great White Shark: A Living Legend is another must see. Even if you have seen a lot of shark documentaries, this one stands out from the rest. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous visually and very well filmed but South African shark expert Mike Rutzen presents a whole new take on the great white.  Even cooler is the special feature is the 2003 BBC production Smart Sharks with David Attenborough and Roboshark.

Mike Rutzen is not a scientist but he is a shark expert. He has learned how to swim with the great white shark without a cage and without being attacked. This has allowed him to learn a lot about the great white. For example, the great white uses body posture and movement to communicate its intentions.

In Great White Shark Rutzen sets out to film a shark in hunting mode and how it goes for prey. To do so he must dive with hungry sharks without any protection.  

Before the viewer gets to that finale, there is a lot to discover including how 21 sharks feed on a whale carcass without any fenzy whatsoever and in, as narrator Peter Firth says, military order and precision.

The only thing better than this BBC Earth DVD would be the Blu-ray version. When it comes to these programs, the extra few bucks are worth the extra picture quality.

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