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Action - NYC: Tornado Terror - Space Nov. 21st 9:00

NYC: Tornado Terror - Space Nov. 21st 9:00
NYC Tornado Terror
Nicole De Boer, Sebastian Spence
Made for TV 2008
Space Nov 21 2013

NYC: Tornado Terror is a pretty decent made for TV disaster movie. The premise is global warming has caused an instability in the upper atmosphere, creating warm and cold air currents and consequently tornados. The anomaly is stuck over New York City.  Scientist Cassie Lawrence and her husband Jim who is in charge of emergency measures must find a solution before the entire city is wiped out. NYC: Tornado Terror airs Thursday Nov. 21st at 9 on Space.

The movie certainly entertains. It is low budget, with Vancouver standing in as New York City, but most of the special effects are pretty believable –though the closing sunset scene is obviously green screen. You do believe the tension created both by the mysterious tornado and the stress this event is putting on the Lawrences. Secondary stories such as the one involving Cassie Lawrence's niece and a firefighter being trapped underground after the Statue of Liberty's arm is ripped off and lands on top of them are also pretty decent. The pacing is also very good.

What works a little less is the solution to the ending the tornado and the conflict between the NASA guy and the mad New Jersey rocket expert. There are too many unexplored possibilities that are left untouched in that conflict and its resolution feels like the writers didn't quite know how to resolve it.

NYC: Tornado Terror makes for a good evening's entertainment and that is what it was meant to be.

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