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Action - Cops - Wildest Chases

Cops - Wildest Chases

Cops Wildest Chases
7 Episodes 1 DVD
Paramount 2015

When we watch Cops, my girlfriend and I like to play a game: Will the perp be wearing a shirt, a wife beater, or nothing? If we both pick the same attire, it is down to missing teeth: one, all the top ones, or top and bottom. Hint: the lesser the clothing, the fewer the teeth. Cops: Wildest Chases allows you to play the home version.

It is really hard to not watch Cops if you come across it channel surfing. It is no wonder this show has been around for 27 years. This is the show that reveals what “bad boys, bad boys gonna do when they come for you”: Run, say “I didint to nothin', and, more often than not, cry.

Having the Cops Wildest Chases DVD  allows you to watch seven episodes when, by some fluke, it is not on Spike or rerun on another cable channel. Six of the shows are from season 26 (2013) and one is from season 27 (2014). Unfortunately, there are not really a lot of chases, wild or otherwise here. It still makes for fun viewing.

An advantage of the DVD version is subtitles. It is a very useful option as many of the perps are articulationally challenged. It also allows to better understand such gems as:

Cop:  “You been drinking?  Perp: “Of Course!”      and, I swear:

Cop: “You thought “It's a donut shop, cops are supposed to be here?” Perp: You guys do eat a lot of donuts, man.”

As in quite a few episodes, you do get the idea cops are a bit fast and loose on search and seisure but the viewer does not know what stuck and what got tossed out in court.

Cops Wildest Chases makes for a fun goof gift.

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