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Horror - Blade

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Starring: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff
Director: Stephen Norrington
Rated: R Not for sale to persons under age 18. Extreme violence very bloody.
Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Run Time: 120
Features: Commentary by actor Wesley Snipes, actor Stephen Dorff, writer David S. Goyer, cinematographer Theo Van de Sande, production designer Kirk M. Petruccelli, and producer Peter Frankfurt
Commentary by composer Mark Isham
Featurette "La Magra", including the original ending
Featurette "Designing Blade"
Featurette "The Origins of Blade"
Featurette "The Blood Tide"
"House of Erebus", information about the different vampire houses Pencil sketches through production designs

Blade gets the blood pumping. Based on the comic book Blade The Vampire Slayer launched in 1975 by Marvel this movie adaptation heralded the onslaught of the comic book hero as movie star. Blade is played to perfection by Wesley Snipes in this dark and extremely bloody movie.

Snipes, a fifth dan black belt and capoeira expert, fits the role of Blade not just with his gift for the martial arts but also his ability to portray the complexities which make up the life of a vampire half-breed. Blade is a lonely character a fact which is emphasized by the sparse, poorly lit, industrial wasteland in which he lives when he is not hunting vampires. In stark contrast are the dwelling places of the contemporary vampires: No dark and damp crypts when posh high rises with swimming pools are available.

This study in contrasts, the ascetic life of Blade and the lush life of the vampires sets the tone of the entire movie. Over indulgence versus extreme self control makes Stephen Dorff’s portrayal of the curiously named and maniacal Deacon Frost the perfect counterpoint to Snipe’s Blade.

The pacing and story telling in this movie are well balanced and economical. There is nothing extraneous in the tempo or the story development. There is just the right balance of slow moments between Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) and Dr. Jensen (N'Bushe Wright) Blade’s sidekicks to explain the story. The use of CGI and special effects are flawless and add to the story they do not take the place of the story. The fight sequences escalate in Golden Harvest style progression steadily through the movie to the final conflict between Blade and Frost.

There are few comic book adaptations which work well Blade is one of the few that work spectacularly. This is a must add to your DVD collection.

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