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Horror - Cookers

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Brad Hunt, Cyia Batten, Patrick McGaw
Directed by Dan Mintz
VVS Films 2005
96 minutes

The premise for Cookers is fairly simple. Three poor, white trash, crystal meth addicts find an old abandoned house where they can set up shop to cook their drugs and put them back on the street. Of course, they have to taste the merchandise and their massive use of drugs makes them see weird and unusual things that make them run out of the house in the end.

Normally, a premise like this could have a lot of potential, but nothing comes from it. The plot doesn’t allow the viewer to be immersed in a threatening and scary environment as it should. The idea that the trio is hallucinating or that the house is really haunted never really kicks in. The viewer never gets the sense that there could be a problem with the house. For example: Why is the house abandoned? Instead, the characters have visions, which are short and not very gripping. The characters in Cookers seem more preoccupied with getting their next “hit” than with the potential of a danger lurking.

Brad Hunt (Hector) offers a convincing performance in Cookers. His numerous tics show the realism of the addict in a spiral downfall that can’t be stopped. Cyia Batten (Dorena) and Patrick McGaw (Merle) are also good in their performances.

Cookers won four awards at the 2001 Milan International Film Festival: cinematography, editing, music, and best film. The film also garnered a best actor award at the Calgary International Horror Film Festival and was a selection at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Carolyn Genge

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