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Horror - Death Tunnel

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Stephanie Huckaby, Annie Burgstede, Other Bodacious Babes
Directed by Philip Adrian Booth
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
91 minutes

Death Tunnel is set in an old Kentucky sanatorium that treated victims of the “White Plague”. During this period, over 63 000 people came in, but never left. The story takes place almost a hundred years after the devastating disease was raging. Five college co-eds are somehow (it never really was clear) dragged into this abandoned and crumbling down old building for an initiation.

The premise of Death Tunnel is acceptable and seems to promise unforeseeable events for the people organizing the initiation. In fact, the people involved will be confronted by the evil spirits that haunt the sanatorium. The problem is that the movie just does not lift off. For the first hour, the viewer has absolutely no idea what is going on. We don't know why these girls are being killed, and if there is any meaning to it all. All we see are strange flashbacks that attempt to explain the situation but clearly do not succeed. Only at the end, do we understand (and I’m using the term loosely) what really happened and why the girls are there. As far as the plot goes, there is nothing worth the price of the rental.

This horror movie DVD scores on a few points. It gets its scariness from the idea that real people existed and lived there and died massively from this awful disease. The setting (the sanatorium) is real and foists a feeling of uneasiness due to its dilapidated state. The flashbacks, even if they are unclear, still keep the viewer distressed and on the edge. Finally, the 5 co-eds are all very attractive and make the movie that much more interesting. I still wonder how a shower scene made its way to the final draft of the movie script, but it is there and well worth the watch.

Death Tunnel is a horror movie DVD teen boys will enjoy.

Carolyn Genge

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