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Horror - Last Man On Earth

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MGM Midnite Movies Double Feature
Vincent Price
Directed by Sidney Salkow
American International 1962
87 minutes
MGM Home Video 2005

Last Man On Earth is the B side of this Midnite Movies Double Feature that also includes the much better Panic In Year Zero with Ray Milland (reviewed on themartiansite.com). This is a vampire zombie one-man show movie starring horror king Vincent Price as Robert Morgan, scientist and last man on earth. The movie is based on I Am Legend by science fiction legend Richard Matheson and this is why there is an interview with him as a bonus feature.

Robert Morgan is the last man on earth after some disease either killed everybody or turned them into zombies that seem to respond to the basic rules that apply to the vampire genre such as mirrors, garlic, and crosses. The last three years of his life have been spent clearing the bodies left around his house, getting supplies, dumping the bodies in the pit, and then going on a vampire hunt where he drives stakes in the hearts of those he finds. His nights are spent listening to his former colleague and his vampire zombie colleagues try to get into his house. It is obvious he is very lonely and probably has a case of cabin fever.

Through the very neat flashback device of Morgan watching home movies we learn how this all started. A lot of the movie is done in stream of consciousness narration as Vincent Price has nobody to talk to. One day, near the end of the movie, he finds out he is not alone after all but there is a catch immediately after he finally discovers a cure for the disease.

What makes this B movie interesting is that even if this is supposed to take place in Los Angeles there is none of the usual gore and gunplay associated with the genre. A modern audience may not be as patient as the movie requires it to be but fans of Vincent Price, good B movies, and those who like Twilight Zone style movies will not be disappointed.

Filmed in Italy, the movie features a supporting cast of Italian actors so everything, including much of Price’s dialogue is dubbed. This is not too badly done and, since most of the movie is narrated, not too annoying.

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