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Horror - Monster House

Monster House
Director: Gil Kenan
Sony Pictures

Monster House has an animated split personality. It is almost as if two entirely different groups of programmers created the elements of the movie without talking to each other. On one side of the animated divide is the Jimmy Neutron style smooth, clear, well drawn and well defined characters. On the other side of this divide are those responsible for the background, houses, leaves and grass which has a much more naturalistic look and feel than the characters in the movie. This isn't bad it is just something that takes a little getting used to when you first sit down to the movie.

The Monster House

The story of Monster House is simple enough: A cranky old man lives on a suburban residential street and is the terror of the neighbourhood. Any toy that even touches his property is immediately seized and never returned to the owner. He is the ultimate cranky old man - or so it would seem. The reality as discovered by D.J. who lives across the street and witnesses the house come to life and seize the toys all by itself.

There would not be a story if D.J. just left it alone so of course he enlists the help of his friend Chowder and a highly motivated young lady named Jenny in the investigation of the Monster House phenomenon.

This is a good family movie and that is really all it is. There is nothing too scary about the movie, there is nothing too rewarding about the movie. It is a pleasant diversion and a good movie for children from about age eight to thirteen. Monster House is definitely a movie which will bear repeated viewing especially by younger viewers and would be a good addition to your DVD library.


Denis Bernicky

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