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Horror - Roman


Lucky McKee, Kristen Bell, Nectar Rose
Directed by Angela Bettis
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2007
92 minutes

Roman is the shy quiet type who keeps to himself; you know, the neighbor who ends up killing a neighbor or something. Roman is also a very slow paced movie that has none of the slice and dice of a horror movie, little of the tension of a thriller, and not enough energy to be a dark romantic comedy which is what it tries to be (I guess).

Directed by Angela Bettis (the star of May which was directed by Lucky McKee) it is a small budget independent movie that could have used a better sound engineer because Lucky McKee speaks under his breath all the time and, being an indie, some better small part actors.

Roman, Lucky McKee, is your basic nerd who has no real life, no TV, and a fixation on the girl in the apartment across from his. She befriends him, he accidentally kills her. Three weeks later the police knock on Roman's door looking for the girl and this is when he figures out nobody knows what happened. One day a cute girl named Eva who dresses like a wood nymph (Nectar Rose of the Bad News Bears remake) knocks on his door and he develops a relationship with her when she sneaks herself in to his life very, very slowly.

For some reason, Roman develops the ability to have interior monologue twenty-five minutes into the movie. You also gets scenes with the guy having lunch at work and getting teased by his coworkers. There is also some kind of fixation for showing the viewer it is 5:31 p.m. or 5:32 p.m. This is an independent movie so there are of course the cool looking weird scenes there for the director to show off.

Things finally get creepy when 48 minutes into Roman you get to see, though you had to know, why this guy is buying so much ice and bringing it into the bathroom. They get really weird after that but it's a bit late really. The ending is a kicker though but is too short.

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