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Horror - Blood And Chocolate

Blood And Chocolate
Agnes Bruckner, Olivier Martinez, Hugh Dancy
Directed by Katja Von Garnier
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
98 minutes

Vivian is a young chocolatiere and werewolf living in Bucharest, hence the title Blood & Chocolate, the screen adaptation of the young adult novel Blood And Chocolate by Anette Kurtis Clause. This not quite horror and much more graphic novel like DVD is basically a girl meets boy story where tradition and staying within your specific group play an important role.

Vivian is a young loup-garou, werewolf whose family was exterminated after it moved to America. She found refuge with a pack in Bucharest, Romania and works in a chocolate shop. She is more or less promised in an arranged marriage way to the pack's leader, Gabriel (Olivier Martinez) but fall in love with a young graphic novelist, Aiden, who is working on a book about werewolves. This does not quite sit well with her pack, especially its leader and waiting and Gabriel's son who himself broke the cardinal rule of the pack: never hunt on your own. Eventually, Vivian will have to make a choice.

Blood & Chocolate is a visually interesting movie that perhaps tries to tackle a bit too much story and spends a bit too much time showing its characters freestyle running to emphasize they are wolves in human clothing. At the same time, though the plotting is a bit slow and Blood And Chocolate tries to, you wish you had more information about the whole werewolf pack history.

It would be tempting to extrapolate a greater meaning to all of the emphasis on tradition and fairly arranged marriage Blood & Chocolate often refers to but this DVD movie is not profound enough to lend itself to that so all you are left with is a pretty interesting story, some cool visual effects, and generally pretty good acting, Bryan Dick aside.

The last thirty minutes of this gothic style graphic novel DVD are quite good and make up for the slow bits earlier on.

If you like graphic novels, you will probably enjoy the visuals and the story in Blood And Chocolate DVD. If not, it makes for decent though not memorable entertainment.

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