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Horror - Wind Chill


Wind Chill
Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes
Directed by Gregory Jacobs
Widescreen and Fullscreen
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
91 minutes

Wind Chill is the horror DVD version of the opening moments of When Harry Met Sally: college boy and girl ride together after semester is over and college girl doesn't like college boy very much. In Wind Chill, however, college boy (Ashton Holmes) is a bit creepy and he makes horror movie mistake 14A: get off the highway and take the Boonieville secondary road in the middle of winter. Fortunately for the viewer the Boonieville road features some pretty original and scary moments.

Wind Chill does manage to surprise quite a bit. In the beginning, you realize college boy -you never get their names-knows a bit too much about college girl and you immediately think stalker. The girl (Emily Blunt) does too when she catches the guy in a lie but just then things start to go very wrong when they get run off the road by a truck that leaves no tire tracks. Once stranded, girl finds out boy's story. Unfortunately, she might have been better off with a weird college boy stalker, a situation she could have dealt with, than stranded where they are.

This horror movie DVD is a little different in that it keeps the scary stuff within the confines of the car and the spot the two kids stranded in. The horror elements to Wind Chill are original, the story makes sense, the back story is sometimes exposition heavy but often flashbacked in a creepy way, and the jump out of your seat factor is pretty good. I also enjoyed the fact the girl is not your usual totally helpless horror movie babe (maybe because she is not blonde).

The actors, Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes, are better than your usual teen actor in a scary movie. Wind Chill is a much above average, original scary flick that will please fans of the genre.

Extra features include a making of and your usual blah-blah filmmaker commentary.

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