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Horror - The Woods Have Eyes


The Woods Have Eyes
Frank Adonis, Joseph Anthony, Michael Bolten
Written and directed by Anthony Indelicato
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2007
87 minutes

The Woods Have Eyes is a low budget horror movie DVD and a variation on the haunted madman's cabin in the woods theme. As low budget movies go, it is much better than most in terms of acting and writing. As a horror thriller it is quite good. The Woods Have Eyes may not be a classic of the genre but it manages to scare, entertain, and gross out enough to keep you interested all the way through.

The Woods Have Eyes wastes no time, as in during the opening credits, before it sets up a couple of its premises: As he is driving up to the family cabin by the lake obvious asshole character Carmine takes kid brother Ernie's survival handbook and tosses it out the car window. He then drives by three fat, simpleton wrestler size guys who, of course, are the baddies

You have to like a horror movie that has its recipe priorities right. One important element of any such movie is topless babes and eight minutes into The Woods Have Eyes you get them. Once that prerequisite scene is done with, the movie starts to build its tension. The next morning Carmine and his buddy get Ernie and his friends to chase them in the woods on the way to mad Cappy's cabin and one of the simpletons, Clemmy,  kills one of the girls by mistake and brings her to his cabin. The boys reach Cappy's cabin and that is where the Clemmy and his father and brother live.

The simpletons go after Carmine and the kids to get rid of witnesses and that is where the thriller and really scary parts start. This is the really good part of this horror thriller as the city boys have to match wits with the woodmen hillbillies.

The Woods Have Eyes is a low budget horror movie DVD but it does tell a pretty good story and keeps the suspense going. I wasn't really in the mood for a horror thriller but this one worked for me anyways.

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