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Action - Pistol Whipped - Steven Seagal


Piston Whipped
Steven Seagal, Lance Henricksen, Samantha Ryan Maisano
Directed by Roel Reine
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
96 minutes

The name Steven Seagal is forever associated with action films. In Pistol Whipped he proves once again why he is the guy we associate with shady characters who can win a martial arts fight with the best of the best, and seconds later get in a pistol duel while maintaining a frosty attitude. This is the dimension we recognize in most of his roles. He is one cool character, yet in this DVD we see how he can get a bit more emotional, in particular with the way he feels about his daughter in the movie.

In Pistol Whipped Steven Seagal stars as Matt. He is a former police detective who has both a drinking and a gambling problem. He loses money in the many poker games he loses all around town and he's deep in dept. One of the crime bosses offers Matt to erase his debt but in return he'll have to eliminate a few rival gangsters. He'll have to learn how things work on the wrong side of the law, and he'll learn that the criminal world sometimes has dirty little secrets.

Here we see the action movie actor in his element. He's a good cop turned bad guy. However, he feels he's been manipulated and he wants to fight his own demons to become among other things, a better father to his 9 year old daughter. This duality is common to Steven Seagal's roles and it has you wondering how bad or how good of a person his character really is. His only real support comes from a former cop friend, Steve, whose life Matt had saved while on the force. Steve is now married to Matt's ex-wife and has legal custody of his daughter. Matt will seek his help when he wants to know who he is really working for. Steve is also the guy who has to tell Matt's daughter that "daddy can't be with her today" whenever he has drinking/gambling issues.

As the Pistol Whipped story progresses Matt has to perform his hits. The plot unfolds with nice surprising twists, and as can be expected, the usual amount of fight scenes, gun battles and car chases. Seagal also has a few funny one liners that help make his character more likeable.

All in all, if you're looking for a typical Seagal action flick with a better than average plot for this genre, you should like this DVD. It is definitely worth your time.

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