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Horror - Cruel World


Cruel World
Jaime Pressley, Edward Furlong, Assorted Victims
Directed by Kelsey T Howard
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2008
88 minutes

Cruel World is quite original even if it is the old innocent people in the same place as a sadist killer horror movie. The reality show style twists make it fresh.

This DVD is a low budget movie that does not really look like one. It is also fun to watch.

Here the innocent people are 8 coeds who believe they are contestants on a TV show, the creepy place is a deluxe mansion, and the sadist killer is a former reality TV contestant and a genuine sadist killer.

Some time after Philip Markham (Edward Furlong) got dumped on a Jane Millionaire style show he gets his revenge by killing Jane (Jaime Pressley) and her new husband, taking over the TV house, and setting up his own version of reality TV.

Eight innocent and typical coeds believe this is a real show. After a nice evening of drinking and alliance making, things get real Fear Factor as the first challenge is definitely a gross-out. Then the contestants start getting eliminated, for real.

Cruel World is not a scary horror movie. It is more a tension driven thriller with gross bits such as green goo and carving a dead cow.

Titillation is down to a minimum of bathing suits. Oh well.

Edward Furlong is the evil brains behind everything but does not quite come across as  enough of a sadistic, deranged guy. He is more like a pouty kid with a somewhat nasty temper. He does not have the maniacal energy to seem menacing so that takes some of the tension away.

The actors playing the contestants are your generic B-movie cast of talented enough actors and they get the job done

This DVD is not going to go down in history but it certainly does entertain and does so without wasting a lot of time getting from peak to peak, something I always appreciate.

You do get caught up in who is going to get eliminated next and how and certainly wonder how all this is going to end and is that not the point of a horror thriller?

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