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Horror - Stephen King - The Langoliers DVD

The Langoliers DVD

Stephen King The Langoliers
Dean Stockwell, David Morse, Bronson Pinchot
Badly written and misdirected by Tom Holland
Made For TV 1995
180 long minutes

If you happen across Stephen King's The Langoliers keep on walking, fast.

This is a movie for people who took the short bus to school.

This made for TV movie DVD of one of the stories in King's weak novella collection Four Past Midnight is the worst adaptation of the horror master's material ever.

At 180 minutes it is also painfully long.

The Langoliers stars Bronson Pinchot as a very  psychotic pain in the ass stockbroker with red mascara under his eyes to show he's nuts; David Morse as the save the situation noble airline pilot; a British secret service hit man who cannot tie a descent knot and with a contract on school marm Patricia Wettig; an annoying blind girl with the stereotypical blind girl superpowers, and Dean Stockwell as a mystery writers who figures things out for everybody.

All these types find themselves all alone on a plane and all alone in the world.

You eventually find out they are out of time, out of sequence. If they do not get back in time the langoliers, nasty creatures that eat up the before will get them.

The acting here does not even rise to the level of wooden.

Everybody seems to be at a line reading session where the only options are flatness or overacting. Dean Stockwell is lucky, he also gets to do didactic and boy does he ever.

As the British hitman says, twice, "Can you please get to the point."

It is no wonder this DVD is really atrocious. The Langoliers takes 180 minutes to tell a story told in a novella.

Another oft repeated bit of dialogue is "What do we do now?" "I don't know."

I do know you really should give this movie a pass and let the langoliers eat it up, if they can swallow it.

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