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Horror - Botched


Stephen Dorff, Jamie Muray
Directed by Kit Ryan
Warner Home Video 2008
94 minutes

When I first glanced at the Botched DVD box's description, what got me interested in the movie is the fact that it combines comedy and horror. I've always liked films where you see someone get dismembered in a horrific way and a few seconds later one of the characters lets out a one liner that'll get a good laugh out of you. If you're like me read on, you just might like this one.

Botched clip one

The movie starts off with Ritchie (Stephen Dorff) pulling off a heist in France. You think this will show you how good and professional he is as a thief, but let's just say luck isn't quite on his side. After the disappointing result, the man who had hired him offers him one last job that he has to pull off if he wants to be able to repay his debt. It is to steal a valuable artifact in Moscow which used to belong to Ivan the Terrible himself. He simply has to get in, get out, and then go back to L.A. to enjoy his newly found freedom... That's the plan anyway, and, as we all know, in horror movies everything doesn't necessarily go according to plan.

What follows next is hard to describe as it isn't very plausible, and giving many details would spoil Botched for you, but it delivers what it had set out to do.

Botched clip two

There are plenty horror moments with blood and gore, and the characters of Peter (Jamie Foreman) and Yuri (Russel Smith) among others provide most of the comedy moments with their thick Russian accents.  Jamie Murray is very sexy in the role Anna, a beautiful, mysterious and courageous businesswoman in this film.

I have to say I thought Botched was quite entertaining due to the combination of horror and comedy. There are a few surprises in the story, but what made me enjoy the experience was mostly the twisted humor with regards to how brave some characters are in comparison with the others.

In terms of special effects, the blood and gore scenes are pretty nicely done.

However, the scenes with the fake rat are in my opinion intentionally poorly done so that it becomes funny rather than scary. If this wasn't the intention, I'd fire the guy who made the animatronic rat.

All in all, Botched is an enjoyable DVD that will probably please people who are young at heart and who like to laugh as much as they like to be scared.

The movie got a best actor and a best feature award at the New York City Horror Film Festival in 2007. These are honors that it probably deserved due to its originality, and a cast of actors that make you believe in their characters.

Vincent Lemire

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