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Action - Elektra - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set


Elektra - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set
Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Kirsten Prout
Directed by Rob Bowman
20th Century Fox 2005
96 minutes

Elektra is one of the seven DVDs in the 8 disc Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set.

What do you do when you killed off a really good spin-off character like Elektra in a rather lame superhero movie like Daredevil? You bring her back to life of course and toss in a page of Kill Bill style Oriental mumbo-jumbo.

You do have to make the resurrection believable, oh well, and the spin-off movie has to be better than the original; not that hard to do but not by much.

Still, Jennifer Garner in red leather is better than Ben Affleck in a red leather outfit.

Nobody is going to mistake this action movie for a classic but it does what it is supposed to do pretty well, thanks in part to director Rob Bowman of X-Men fame.

There are a lot of oriental style fight scenes and the heroine, Jennifer Garner, makes a point of wearing a really tight red leather outfit at the beginning and end of the movie.

This is not a chick flick after all.

Elektra is sort of a force for good. She also has a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder, who knows why, and is prone to flashbacks but that's to fill in back story.

She crosses the forces of evil known as The Hand when she refuses to deliver on a hit for them. This is because she met her target, a father and his young, motherless daughter, before knowing they were targets. There is also something about a long lost treasure connected to Elektra's story.

The real bad guys have really cool powers that allow for some creative CGI use. Particularly great is the tattoo guy.

There is a pretty decent showdown at the end.

There is also the possibility, though as thin as the story, of a sequel.

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