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Documentary - The Google Boys - The Biography Channel June 9 2008 8:00 P.M.

Biography! The Google Boys
The Biography Channel
June 9, 2008 8:00 P.M

The Google Boys is an example of what the Biography Channel does best: give the viewer information about a topic in a manner that is informative but doesn't talk down to him while managing to keep it simple and interesting. The program airs June 9 2008 during wealth and power week.

When this website's webgeek explains something to me I pretty much hear the same thing as the cornet voicing adult words in Charlie Brown cartoons. I managed to understand most everything in The Google Boys.

This is because this episode of Biography features another forte of the series which is using experts who know what they are talking about and can explain things clearly.

Another strong point of this program is going past the surface of the topic. This is especially true in The Google Boys where every aspect of the story is covered: how Sergy Brin and Larry Page met, how they came about the idea of a search engine that really worked, how they implemented that idea and then tried to sell it to the established search engines like, believe it or not, Yahoo! and, faced with rejection, started their own company.

This installment of Biography also covers some more technical aspects of Google such as how the search engine works and how adwords and adsense work. These are really interesting segments of the program.

Also interesting is how the search engine decides where a particular website will be placed in search relevance order on the Google page.

The section on how Google establishes page rank goes beyond the well-known inbound links factor. I really would have liked to know a lot more about that aspect because our comedy website is getting royally F@<#&D by Google when it comes to page rank.

What is really missing in this 2006 Biography is a reality check. At one point it mentions the Google prospectus telling potential investors the company would "not be a conventional company" and that the goal was "to make Google an institution that makes the world a better place."

Try selling those adwords to the people in China, especially those the company sold out to the Chinese government.

The program airs June 9 2008 during wealth and power week and is also available at Amazon if you click the pic at the top of this review.

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