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Documentary - Ted Bundy Biography! - The Biography Channel June 26 2008 8 P.M.


Biography! Ted Bundy
The Biography Channel
June 26, 2008 8:00 P.M

It is a comedy cliché that the killer was "a shy, quiet guy" but that is very true when it comes to the childhood of serial killer Robert Bundy. This is according to the Biography! the Biography Channel airs Thursday June 26 2008 as part of its psycho killers week. This is one of this series' / channel's good shows but it is not perfect.

Like all the shows in the Biography series you learn new information about the subject, in this case Republican Ted Bundy. For example, he manned the suicide hotline in Seattle and one of his coworkers was prolific author Ann Rule who appears in the show.

In fact a lot of this show seems to be based on the Ann Rule book The Stranger Beside Me.

There are a couple of bloopers in this show. When the narrator says Bundy went to Vermont to get his birth certificate the document shows Theodore Robert Bundy when at the time his birth name was Theodore Robert Cowell.

The biography also says it is the break-up with his first girlfriend in college than let the serial killer loose but Bundy is suspected of having committed his first murder when he was fifteen.

What is undisputable is all of the killer's victims looked like his first love: long hair parted in the middle.

There is always something a bit voyeuristic / creepy watching one of these serial killer biography shows. I have always questioned the need to show the victims' picture again and again.

There is also the question if these shows do not encourage others who know the only way they can become famous is killing people.

My solution is to always replace the name of the killer by something more generic like the Schmuck from Seattle or in this case The Republican.

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