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Horror - Triloquist - Dimension Extreme


Paydin LoPachin, Rocky Marquette, Katie Chonacas
Written / Directed by Mark Jones
Rated R
Dimension Extreme 2008
80 minutes

Triloquist is not scary enough for a horror movie and not funny enough to be a scary camp comedy DVD. The strange thing is this low budget movie is not bad at all. Triloquist is a movie you will forget seeing fifteen minutes later but if you want something that will entertain for less than 90 minutes it will do the trick.

There is not much in Triloquist that really makes sense so put your brain on hold. The best explanation you'll ever get is Angelica and Norbert are "magic". The gore itself is your standard jugular stuff and some of the scenes are simply an actor pretending to wrestle with a wooden doll as if he was being attacked. There is a really cool scene where Dummy shoots a cop and is propelled down the road by the kickback from the rifle.

Triloquist is a silly horror movie about a brother and sister and their ugly ass dummy that can move and talk on its own or so it seems. Angelica (Paydin LoPachin) and Norbert (Rocky Marquette) are orphaned at a young age when their ventriloquist mother overdoses. They go through some foster homes before being reunited and taking Dummy out of the suitcase it was stored in. Angelica decides they should go to Las Vegas and become famous. Norbert, who never uttered a word in his life, follows along.

It is on their way to Vegas that brother, sister, and Dummy go on a killing rampage to get money and yet another stolen car. They also kidnap a girl so the male bloodline of the family can continue. The dummy sometimes tries to get Norbert to dump his psychotic sister.

LoPachin is very good as the psychotic blonde. Marquette is rather ... wooden.

This not so horror DVD has more than its share of naked breasts, hence the R rating.

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