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Horror - Shutter


Shutter ?Unrated Edition
Rachael Taylor, Joshua Jackson, Megumi Okina
Directed by Masayuki Ochiai
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
86 minutes

Shutter is a transplanted in Tokyo Hollywood remake of a Thai horror movie. Remakes of Asian horror hits are the latest fashion in movies (The Ring, One Missed Call, The Grudge) because only so many American TV shows and movies from the seventies can be remade. Shutter is not particularly scary and so not that interesting.

It is hard to buy into Shutter. The couple is just too Hollywood cookie-cutter cute and Jane, Rachael Taylor, bristles anytime someone with estrogen approaches new hubby Ben, Joshua Jackson. What did she expect? It's not like Ben made his living shooting nuns and statues.

Ben and Jane are on their way to their honeymoon hideout when Jane hits a young woman. Ben and Jane wake up the next morning, call the cops, and nobody can find a body. They take a few honeymoon pictures. The honeymoon pictures get developed and there is a ghost like shadow on some of them.

When Jane goes walking around Tokyo she takes a few digital pics and there is a ghostly shadow in some of them. Hmmmm. What could it be, what could it mean? Jane decides to investigate.

Tension in Shutter is created with the usual scary-ish music and strange voice-like noises but it all feels planted. There is also this writing gem: "Her father died suddenly. He'd been sick for a while."

Story elements, like the couple being the only occupants of a Tokyo warehouse being converted in condos or Jane going to a major corporation's headquarters in the middle of the day and nobody is around anywhere ask for a lot of willing suspension of isn't that just one hell of a impossibility disbelief.

If this horror DVD really worked you wouldn't be spending so much time thinking about the many impossibilities in it or the amazing availability of Polaroid film     especially when Jane establishes early on that your basic digital camera can also take ghost pictures.

There are a couple of pretty decent scary moments in Shutter like when Ben is left alone in his studio after a shoot or when the ghost undresses for Ben.

Special Features on the Shutter DVD include a How to Make a Ghost Photo tutorial that even I could understand and want to try.

Other special features include the usual commentary track with Taylor, the writer, and a production person, a featurette on the director of Shutter, a Tools and Tips for Ghost Hunting short, nine deleted scenes, and an alternate ending.

Shutter Bu-Ray includes three more deleted scenes, a Fox Movie Channel bit with Joshua Jackson, and 3 Japanese spirit photography videos.

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