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Horror - R.L. Stine - Goosebumps DVD - One Day at Horrorland - Mom Reviewed

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Goosebumps - One Day at Horrorland
Based on the R.L. Stine books
One Day At Horrorland and Welcome to Camp Nightmare
1 DVD 2 Episodes
Fox Home Video 2008
86 minutes

One Day at Horrorland is a Goosebumps DVD based on the scary books for children by R.L. Stine. There are over 60 books in the wildly popular series and a few were made into a TV show in the mid to late 90’s.  The One Day at Horrorland DVD features two episodes from that Goosebumps show.

I have to say straight off that I am not a fan of the horror genre...I was never one to enjoy being scared, even as a kid.  But that said I liked the two stories on this DVD.  One Day at Horrorland and Welcome to Camp Nightmare are the two episodes that are found on this DVD. 

The show “One Day at Horrorland” is pretty cheesy – the Morris family gets lost while driving on vacation, and the dad (stereotypically) refuses to stop for directions.  They then stumble upon Horrorland Amusement Park, what they believe to be a harmless theme park.  It is however inhabited by real monsters.  The storyline was one that made you yell at the TV – “Just get out…stop being so stupid!”  The dad not stopping for directions, the obvious clues indicating this is not a normal family park (what theme park is free and almost empty?) added up to make me feel frustrated.  I guess that is part of the horror experience. On the technical side, I found that the costumes/make up for the monsters were pretty low budget, which made the horror-factor drop considerably and the cheesy-factor increase considerably. There is one scene that has monsters jumping on the family car, attacking it and the Morris family inside which could be quite scary for anyone under 10.

The show “Welcome to Camp Nightmare” was a really good example of a nightmare come to life. A young boy, Billy, is sent away to camp because his scientist parents are often gone from home. His bunkmates soon start disappearing, and when Billy tries to get help, no one believes him – they don’t even believe that these other campers existed.  I liked this episode much better, as it is far more plausible.  As a kid, who hasn’t had the nightmare that you are looking for help and can’t find it?  This episode really hits the “nightmare button”, the setting is perfect, the acting is great (read-creepy), and the storyline is really credible. 

This Goosebumps DVD is great for 10+ aged kids who like to have a little scare, and let their imagination go for a little while. There is nothing too scary for this age group (any younger and you might have some sleepless nights), and in fact the questionable costumes in the first episode make it a little less creepy.

This Goosebumps DVD is great for Halloween, or for any time if your kids like a little thrill.

Carolyn Genge

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