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Documentary - Most Astonishing Moments - CBC Newsworld Wild Docs! 01/07/09 10 P.M.

Most Astonishing Moments - CBC Newsworld Wild Docs! 01/07/09 10 P.M.
National Geographic's Most Astounding Moments
CBC Newsworld Wild Docs!
Wednesday January 7th 10 P.M.
60 minutes

National Geographic’s Most Astounding Moments is a documentary for people who do not like nature shows and documentaries. This is a compilation of wild and weird footage. If you enjoy disaster footage and sensationalist TV you have to tune in to CBC Newsworld as part of the Wild Docs! program Wednesday, January 7th 2009 at 10 P.M.

The program is divided in 5 segments, Explosive Weather, Surviving Disaster, Daring Jobs, Animal Rescues, and Cultural Extremes --and you would think the Japanese have a lock on this one. Most surprisingly is the amount of Aussies and Kiwis involved.

Explosive Weather includes segments on the bush fire outside Canberra, a South American mudslide, and a Japanese landslide. A blue iceberg turning over and disintegrating makes the wow meter. Of course, no weather footage could be complete without a twister. This National Geographic footage features two tornadoes side by side. You also get a view from the inside thanks to a camera probe.

If surviving disasters involves vehicles you would think there’d be a redneck involved, but not this time. There an exploding bonfire in Spain, a speedboat flipping over, and great footage of an avalanche swallowing a snowboarder.  This segment also includes disaster at an air show and watching the pilots eject is really cool.

Daring Jobs includes extreme weather reporters, stunt men, and crocodile wrestlers. National Geographic’s Most Astounding Moments as seen on CBC Newsworld Wild Docs! January 7th 2009 at 10 P.M. also includes windsurfers, a rollercoaster mechanic, red wood climbers (the footage of the guy going inside the redwood is pretty cool.) The strangest daring job is the guy who goes up mountains to feed baby bald eagles.

Wild Animal Rescues is the fourth segment and is a bit hard to watch for animal lovers to watch as there is footage of the rescue of Hurricane Katrina animals. The other clips here are okay.

Cultural Extremes features the most difficult footage to watch. This includes scarification in Africa and extreme bod-mod in France. China’s Shaolin warrior monks get their moments on camera. There is also a Venezuelan voodoo ritual. Believe it or not, the Brits show up in a weird antler dance. No strange Japanese stuff though.

This is rubberneck TV par excellence.

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