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Action - Red Siren / La sirene rouge

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Red Siren / La sirene rouge
Jean-Marc Barr, Asia Argento
Directed by Olivier Megaton
Lion's Gate 2004
118 minutes

I had the Red Siren DVD for four years before I finally watched the whole thing. Considering I loved the source novel, La sirene rouge by Maurice G. Dantec (Babylon A.D.), you’d think I would have been more interested in the action movie adapted from it. Red Siren is just plain bad and not just because the shooting stuff is way over the top.

Those looking for an Asia Argento movie should be aware she has but a minor role here.

Red Siren’s premise is a young girl goes to the cops with a porn/snuff tape her mother made. The detective (Asia Argento) believes the kid but there’s not enough proof and the mother is rich and well-connected. The kid runs away from the police station and just happens to run into a mercenary who will become her protector (Jean-Marc Barr)

The mercenary decides his mission in life is to get the girl to her father’s and protect her at all costs from the mother’s henchmen. The detective shows up from time to time.

Red Siren’s main flaw is it is a French movie made in English. All the actors are French and deliver their lines more or less clearly in English. This becomes annoying, really annoying after a while, especially since there are no subtitles to tell you what the hell they are saying. As for the dubbed French version, it suffers from Japanese movie syndrome.

This action DVD’s main flaw though is it does not make you care one way or the other what happens to the girl, her protector, or the detective. Movies never live up to the book but this one doesn't even live up to the paste holding the pages together.

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