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Horror - Coraline

Laika Entertainment 2009
100 Minutes
Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Robert Bailey Jr.
Director: Harry Selick

Coraline is one of those books that no one ever thought could be made into a movie. Essentially this is because Coraline is largely an internal story with Coraline doing a lot of thinking and talking to herself. Lots of empty corridors and wandering around with an internal monologue does not make for good cinema. On the other hand a writer / director willing to add a character to the story to get things moving along and the story can be told without losing the essence of the thing.

In simple terms Coraline is a horror story and not one that is suitable for children of all ages. Coraline is a dark and surreal voyage of a lonely girl into an experience that threatens not just her life but that of her family as well. This is only a children’s story for children who are old enough and mature enough to handle the very intense situations Coraline finds herself in – such as a concerted effort to pluck out her eyes.
Fans of A Nightmare Before Christmas will love this movie. Coraline is a wonderfully dark and fun movie that is definitely worth the time spent watching it. A must have in animation and horror collections alike.

Denis Bernicky

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