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Mainstream - Jeff Kreisler - Get Rich Cheating

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Get Rich Cheating - The Crooked Path to Easy Street
Jeff Kreisler
Harper Collins 2009
322 pages Paperback

Is Get Rich Cheating – The Crooked Path to Easy Street by Jeff Kreisler a humor book, prescient, or a Wall Street / Washington user’s manual? It is all three. It is also a fun read that will amuse and enrage at the same time. It is a good thing Get Rich Cheating is paperback as the damage you cause when you throw the book in outrage at American business and politicians will be less costly.

People should send copies of Get Rich Cheating to Fux “News” as a lot of the crooked financial dealings in this book have been totally ignored. This book is so easy to read even a Fux journalist will be able to (don’t know if he / she will be moving his / her lips though) Then again, a lot of the information in this book has gone unreported in the media in general.

Jeff Kreisler is a very talented humor writer. There are many sections in this book that are quite funny if, unfortunately, too real. Facts wise, this is not a lightweight book but the author manages to make everything very easy to understand (i.e. Fux “News” would understand it.) His tongue-in-cheek (no sexual innuendo here unless you apply it to businessmen and their political bedmates) style makes this sort of how the U.S. got into the current financial mess fun to read.

I found it interesting that it was harder to find humor in the last few chapters of this book on the crooked path to Easy Street. It is probably because the events are too recent and also because we all know nobody’s going to pay for this mess except us poor schmucks who actually pay our taxes and obey the law.

I found part 3 of Get Rich Cheating scary. The chapters, What If You Are Caught?, Deny, Deny, Deny, Hearings and Trials, and When Life Gives You Lemons are pretty much what is going to happen in the next few years, Obama or no Obama.

If you know someone who is outraged by the financial nightmare caused by Wall Street, Big Business, the Bush “administration”, and any politician in Washington current or in jail, Get Rich Cheating will probably make them laugh, Kreisler is that funny.

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July 22 - NYC, Caroline’s on Broadway, 8pm
Aug 7-30 - Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland. The Stand.

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