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Horror - S. Darko - A Donnie Darko Tale

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S. Darko - A Donnie Darko Tale
Daveigh Chase, Briana Evigan, James Lafferty
Directed by Chris Fisher
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
103 minutes

S. Darko proves weird is hereditary. This DVD is “a Donnie Darko Tale” that features the same bizarre, hard to figure out plot and characters. If you enjoyed Donnie Darko, you’ll be happy to know the rabbit is back! This time around the end of the world is nigh in four days, seventeen hours, 26 minutes, and 31 seconds.

Don’t ask me what S. Darko is about. I barely got my head wrapped around Donnie Darko. In this follow-up story Donnie’s sister Samantha and her friend Corey get stranged by the old burst radiator in a small Utah town that has had a bunch of kids disappearing. That night, a meteorite wipes out one of those big-ass weathervane things right after Samantha connects with a Gulf War vet who just happened to be sitting there.

Samantha (Daveigh Chase) is a mopey, quiet teen so it is hard to connect with hear character even if every character in the movie does.

A bunch of stuff happens. Some of that stuff is really weird and hard to figure out. Some of the special effects are from The Abyss. Like in Donnie Darko a pastor is involved and a religious place burns down.

If you enjoyed the original Donnie Darko, you will enjoy the S. Darko DVD. You really do have to be familiar with the lore so if you are not familiar with the original or it’s been a while, a refresher would be a good idea before embarking on this DVD.

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