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Action - Green Lantern First Flight Blu-ray

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Green Lantern: First Flight Blu-ray
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, Sinestro
Boodikka, Kilowog, Kanjar Ro
Warner Brothers Animation 2009
77 minutes

Blu-ray meets green ray in Green Lantern First Flight, a Warner Brothers Animation release with enough bonus features to light lamp. This is a very good superhero cartoon. This Green Lantern Blu-ray surprises the viewer by starting immediately without those D*&^ previews aka commercials, etc etc. This is quite refreshing. The animation here is not big budget but most of the time it is quite good, especially for the fight sequences.

Green Lantern First Flight opens with test pilot Hal Jordan being taken from his flight simulator to where a Green Lantern is dying. Jordan is given the ring and the power that goes with it. He is then taken to the HQ of the elders where he is told what the Lantern corps is all about. Another Lantern, Sinestro (and you know he’s going to be a bad guy because he looks evil and his name is sinister sounding) takes him under his wing. Jordan soon proves he is qualified to be part of the Lantern corps and uncovers a conspiracy.

This Blu-ray cartoon also reveals the origins of the yellow light villain.

This is a very good superhero cartoon. The writing is tight and the animation though somewhat generic in between actions scenes is very good. There is not a dull moment in First Flight with action scene after action scene keeping the viewer captivated. The story itself is very good with lots of twists and turns.

Especially fun in this Green Lantern cartoon is the sense of humor given to Jordan. He is shown playing green-glow Yo-Yo while standing guard and squashes bug-looking enemies with a fly swatter and a running shoe.

Some of the violence here may be a bit much for kids younger than tweens. Parental discretion is advised.

Special features on the Green Lantern First Flight Blu-ray include background information on the rebirth of the Lantern comic book and other series lore; previews of other DC animations; a recent Duck Dodgers The Green Loontern cartoon with Marvin the Martian; and five Green Lantern TV cartoons..

Menu selection is a nightmare with a yellow and green set-up and barely visible darkish yellow indicating where you are on the menu

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