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Action - The Beast - The Complete First Season Patrick Swayze

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The Beast - The Complete First Season
Patrick Swayze, Travis Fimmel, Lindsay Pulsipher
3 DVD 13 Episodes
Originally aired A&E 2009
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

The Beast – The Complete First Season is also The Beast The Complete Series. Not that this cop TV show was not any good but star Patrick Swayze’s health cause the show’s cancellation. This is a bummer because as this 13 episode 3 DVD set proves The Beast was a very good and original crime show with solid acting, good story lines, and lots of action.

Patrick Swayze plays veteran FBI agent Charles Barker. Barker teaches the ropes the hard way to his new hand-picked partner Ellis Dove (Travis Trimmel). Barker plays according to his own rulebook and this gets the job done. It seems however that his FBI bosses believe Barker has gone rogue and they ask Dove to become a double agent and keep an eye on his partner.

It is, of course, more complicated than that. So are the story lines. Unlike many other crime TV shows, The Beast is not formulaic. This is in part, because the agents are improvising under each new identity so stuff happens and they must figure out the next move. It is also because though the plot lines are the usual TV cop show stuff like hookers from Eastern Europe being rescued, scientist being protected from baddies, etc, what happens within these situations is original.

A secondary story line runs through the thirteen episodes of The Beast. It explains in part why Barker is being looked into. It takes a while to get rolling but is the focus of the last episodes.

It is a shame Swayze’s became too sick for the show to continue. The Beast really brings out every ounce of his talent and he demonstrates it is far greater than most people gave him credit for.

Continuity takes a vacation now and then on The Beast. For example, at the end of the first episode Dove takes the subway at night. It is broad daylight outside the train when he talks to the agents on it.

The Beast was an easy series to get into and great fun to watch. This 3 DVD set should please most fans of the genre.

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