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Documentary - The Mystery of the Floating Feet CBC Newsworld November 2nd and 8th

The Mystery of the Floating Feet CBC Newsworld November 2nd and 8th
The Mystery of the Floating Feet
CBC News - The Passionate Eye
Monday, Nov. 2 2009 10 P.M.
Sunday Nov. 8th 8 P.M.

In recent years, five right feet encased in a running shoe have shown up on the shores of B.C. and Washington State. This is a case that has detectives … stumped. The Mystery of the Floating Feet is a procedural documentary that airs Monday November 2nd at 10 and Sunday November 8th at 8 on CBC Newsworld. This Passionate Eye program is not perfect but it is something a crime TV fan will enjoy.

The Mystery of the Floating Feet opens with the background story and a general look at what a coroner, forensic pathologist and so on do. Not much is revealed about this particular case though. A visit to the Body Farm in Tennessee is also included more for shock effect than because it is relevant to this case. Even if you are a CSI or Bones veteran, this is queasy stuff and these are real corpses and maggots.

Things get a bit more relevant with a too quick look at Venus, the B.C. underwater body farm, and the contributions to this case by oceanography, forensic botany, and DNA analysis, to name a few.

To add to the fun, someone releases a fake severed foot in running shoe. This is before another running shoed foot is found in the states.

More fields of inquiry are looked at in the rest of the documentary. The short segment on training wasps to sniff out cadavers is quite interesting.

Unfortunately, the shoe had not dropped in this case so the mystery of the floating feet remains unresolved.

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