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Action - Avatar

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Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
Written and directed by James Cameron
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
162 minutes

Avatar is an ecological action movie that blends the standard boy meets girl movie with a dose of cowboys and Indians. Avatar is visually superb and this more than makes up for a somewhat overly long story and predictable plot. There are a few messages here and writer director James Cameron is not subtle with them. This is one movie you really have to see on Blu-ray to fully appreciate though the DVD version is quite good too. Neither disc includes any special features. Those are probably reserved for the super duper special schmecial edition or the 3D version that will come.

Avatar is a great movie if you can accept it is much more interesting visually than as a story. The B-movie story is mainly just there to hang the gorgeous visuals on. It is hard not to get caught up in the whole thing though.

In Avatar humans are exploiting a mineral rich planet called Pandora. To their great dismay the locals, the Na'vi, are not particularly impressed with the roads, education, and other stuff the humans want to trade so they can exploit the planet as they wish. The mining corporation hires an ex-marine named Jake as part of its security force. Jake gets separated from his group, is rescued by Neytiri, a Na'vi and a chief's daughter. This is the boy meets girl part.

Jake learns the ways of the Na'vi. Meanwhile the head of mine security gets impatient with negociations with the locals to start mining one of their sacred places and decides to attack. This forces Jake to make a decision. This is the cowboy and Indians part.

Avatar telegraphs its plot as no other movie I have seen. At one point Jake learns the legend of the Toruk Makto, the great warrior who united all the Na'vi in a common cause. Guess what happens later?

Avatar refers to the Na'vi version of Jake and a few other characters. These are cloned humanoids controlled by a human in a dream like state.

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