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Action - Kelly's Heroes Blu-ray Clint Eastwood

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Kelly's Heroes Blu-ray
Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland
Directed by Brian G Hutton
Originally released 1970
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
Widescreen 143 minutes

Warner Brothers is releasing all its Clint Eastwood movies on Blu-ray. I am really looking forward to Eastwood's jazz classic Bird. Kelly's Heroes comes with Where Eagles Dare (1968) also on Blu-ray as part of a 2 disc Action double feature starring Clint Eastwood. Not everything really looks better in high definition but the picture quality for Kelly's Heroes on Blu-ray is visibly superior to the DVD version. This is a very enjoyable war movie.
Made in 1970, Kelly's Heroes belongs to the second generation of WW II movies where command is disconnected from the troops and not every soldier is a hero or dies a heroic death. Here, war is really a background for greed. This war movie is not as cynical or dark as later, third generation, takes on the war. Kelly's Heroes also has its share of comic moments.

The story is basic: Kelly (Eastwood) learns there are 14,000 gold bars in a bank in Claremont, a small French village still in enemy territory. Kelly puts together a team of grunts to get that gold before anyone else and share the spoils. Kelly and his men go behind enemy lines, take on the Germans, and do everything they can to get to Claremont before anybody else.

Kelly's Heroes also stars Telly Savalas as Big Joe, the clever sergeant who really cares about his men and doesn't want anybody to get hurt. Donald Sutherland plays Oddball, a tank commander whose patter is more sixties peace and love than WW II. Don Rickles plays Crap Game, the guy who can get anything for anybody.

Kelly's Heroes Blu-ray has no special features aside from the original trailer.

Like many other Blu-ray titles, the movie information and everything else on the back of the clamshell is impossible to read. The studios should really do something about that.

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