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Stargate Universe SGU 1.5 [Science Fiction]: Very good Stargate spinoff 10 episodes 3 DVD

Starship Troopers [Science Fiction]: In a time when humanity is under threat of extinction only the best and brightest can rescue us - want to learn more?

Starship Troopers 2 [Science Fiction]: Starship Troopers 2 is an indirect sequel to the original Starship Troopers that went straight to video.

Starship Troopers Invasion [Action]: 4th in the franchise. Decent but not great motion capture animation.

Steel Magnolias - Queen Latifah [Mainstream]: A new version, not a remake, and a very good one.

Stella Bain [Mainstream]: follows the very interesting concept of shell shock in one woman in particular, during the often brutal and disturbing conditions of World War I. Definitely worth the read

Stephen King's The Mist [Horror]: People caught in supermarket while killer mist hangs outside.

Stranded - Space Wednesdays at 10 starting Feb. 27th [Science Fiction]: Another haunted place show with no ghosts.

Strawberry Shortcake - Big Country Fun [Mainstream]: 2 linked stories set in shortcake country. great family fare

Strawberry Shortcake - Growing Up Dreams - Mom Reviewed [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids recommend this DVD

Street Gang - The Complete history of Sesame Street [Mainstream]: Decent but no cookie

Street Kings 2 Blu-ray DVD combo [Action]: Pretty good cop action movie with Ray Liotta has a couple of original twists.

Sublime [Horror]: Half horror movie half medical thriller wholly entertaining.

Suburgatory Season One [Mainstream]: Excellent show whereNYC girl and dad move to the suburbs and find out it is not all that bad.

Sucker Punch Blu-ray DVD Steelbox [Action]: Very good live action with video game feel movie.

Sudden Impact Blu-ray - Dirty Harry [Action]: Fourth Dirty Harry movie is considered best of the five sequels.

Sugar [Mainstream]: Drama about Dominican trying to make it to major league baseball

Sunrise (1927) - Murnau, Borzage and Fox DVD Box Set [Mainstream]: Classic 1927 German Impressionism silent film from Fox Studios

Super 8 [Science Fiction]: While filming at a train station a group of middle school students accidentally record the wreck of a military train.

Super Friends Season One Volume One [Mainstream]: VHS quality pic, generic animation, but fun.

Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray [Action]: Superman and Batman become wanted men in decent enough cartoon with 3 hours of special features.

Superman: Doomsday [Science Fiction]: The animated version of one of the most successful Superman graphic novels ever.

Supernatural Blu-ray - The Complete Fifth Season [Horror]: Kick ass and creator s last season at the helm of excellent horror TV.

Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete First Season [Horror]: Way cool horror TV show looks even better on Blu-ray

Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete Season 4 [Horror]: BOO! Very cool horror TV show about brothers hunting demons.

Supernatural The Anime Series [Horror]: 22 Anime episodes based on the original series with 9 new ones.

Surrogates [Action]: Very good speculative fiction thriller with some action scenes.

Survivors The Complete Seasons One and Two - BBC [Science Fiction]: A plague wipes out the planet and a group of UK survivors try to cope.

Sword of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection [Mainstream]: Richard Greene, TV's Robin Hood, in a passable movie

Taiwan - Eternal Summer [Foreign Film]: What is the nature of friendship is explored in a romantic triangle.

Tales From The Crypt- Complete Fourth Season [Horror]: Gory and really cool horror TV show just like the comic used to be.

Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Pleasant Screams [Horror]: The complete first season of the animated series Tales From The Cryptkeeper originally broadcast on ABC in 1993.

Taxi Driver Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Martin Scorcese and De Niro classic looks great on Blu-ray

TCM Summer Under the Stars August 2009 [Mainstream]: An article with the movie schedule.

Ted Bundy Biography! - The Biography Channel June 26 2008 8 P.M. [Documentary]: Republican becomes serial killer.

Teen Wolf - MuchMusic and Much HD Mondays 10 p.m. [Horror]: TV series version of Michael J. Fox movie entertains target audience.

Teen Wolf Season One [Action]: Very good teen werewolf series.

Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs [Mainstream]: Great cat lover gift brings cute to a whole new level.

Tell Me You Love Me - HBO [Mainstream]: Adult oriented series about men women relationships, great stuff, explicit.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 [Science Fiction]: Set in 2007, Sarah Connor and John fight Skynet to pre-empt the Terminators. Good series

Terminator - The Sarah Conor Chronicles Season 2 Blu-ray [Science Fiction]: Way cool but short lived. 22 episodes on 4 discs

Terminator Blu-ray Book [Action]: Classic SF looks great on Blu-ray

Terminator Salvation Blu-ray [Action]: Pretty decent but more an action movie than a Terminator movie.

Terminator Salvation The Machinima Series [Science Fiction]: Decent enough 6 13-minute episode Terminator story done as RPG shooter game.

Terri Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Principal and student meet regularly.

The 11th Hour [Documentary]: Leonardo diCaprio hosts this intellectually challenging and informative documentary about the problems facing our environment.

The 5th Quarter [Mainstream]: Heavy handed tear jerker

The A-Team [Action]: Eighties TV becomes cool action movie

The A-Team [Action]: Hannibal, B.A. and the rest of the A-Team are back kicking ass.

The Adjustment Bureau [Action]: David Norris is on his way to the presidency when he meets a girl who changes his life and then his understanding of the world changes.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. [Westerns]: Western television show with a bit of science fiction and lots of laughs.

The Age of Anxiety - CBC March 15th 9 P.M. [Documentary]: Is anxiety real, overdiagnosed, or the result of drug company advertising?

The Allergy Fix - CBC Feb 27th 7 p.m. [Documentary]: Very good Nature of Things program on why allergies are increasing.

The Almighty Johnsons - The Space Channel Mondays 9 PM [Action]: Promising New Zealand fantasy series about Norse gods.

The Amityville Horror 2005 [Horror]: Breathing life into an old wives tale.

The Apartment Blu-ray Collector s Edition [Mainstream]: Classic romantic dramady belongs in any film fan s collection

The Arrangement [Mainstream]: Stylistically brilliant Elia Kazan movie with messy story.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford [Westerns]: Robert Ford joins the James gang to be close to his idol but ultimately becomes his assassin.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Blu-ray [Westerns]: Humdrum western comes with Costner s Wyatt Earp Blu-ray in combo pack

The Assisi Underground - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mainstream]: Decent enough B-movie with VHS quality print

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection [Mainstream]: Robin Hood's son Robert picks up the old man's bow and arrow.

The Beast - The Complete First Season Patrick Swayze [Action]: FBI agent Patrick Swayze teaches rookie partner the ropes in excellent but short-lived series.

The Beetles Are Coming - CBC April 4th [Documentary]: Very good documentary

The Best Picture Collection - 11 Films 64 Academy Awards [Mainstream]: A must for the movie fan. 11 Best Picture Awards 14 DVDs

The Best Pictures Collection - It Happened One Night [Mainstream]: The first screwball comedy looks a bit green and is still fairly funny

The Best Pictures Collection - Oliver! [Mainstream]: 1 the 11 movies in this Oscar winner DVD box set.

The Betrayed [Mainstream]: Absolutely superb thriller, a must watch DVD

The Big C - The Complete First Season [Mainstream]: Excellent Showtime drama - comedy about a woman with stage four cancer. 13 episodes 3 DVD

The Big Year Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Entertaining movie where 3 very different guys compete to see the most birds in one calendar year.

The Border - Season One [Action]: Very good border cops versus bad guys Canadian TV drama.

The Bourne Ultimatum [Action]: Jason Bourne restarts his search for his identity when he discovers a series of articles by a British journalist which deal specifically with him.

The Box Blu-ray and DVD Special Edition [Science Fiction]: Stuff happens over 2 boring hours with no resolution.

The Bridge On The River Kwai Blu-ray Collector s Edition [Action]: Classic David Lean war epic superb on Blu-ray

The Broken Star - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Westerns]: Western meets mystery when deputy investigates possible murder

The Brothers Warner [Documentary]: Very good documentary about Warner Brothers.

The Bush Years - CBC Newsworld 07/05/09 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Terence McKenna documentary on 8 years of Bush league administration.

The Cabin In The Woods [Horror]: The quintessential set up for a teensploitation movie becomes a dismantling of the horror genre

The Caine Mutiny Collector's Edition [Mainstream]: Classic Humphrey Bogart movie with great ensemble cast.

The Captains - A William Shatner Film - The Movie Network and Movie Central October 2011 [Documentary]: Shatner interviews the Star Trek captains in excellent documentary

The Carmen Miranda Collection - If I'm Lucky [Mainstream]: Gang of musicians gets involved in state politics with musical numbers all around.

The Carol Burnett Show The Ultimate DVD Collection - 22 DVD 50 Shows and More [Mainstream]: A must have for any TV comedy fan.

The Challenger Disaster - Discovery Nov. 24th 8:00 [Mainstream]: Made for TV movie and bit of a thriller about Dr. Richard Feynman who figured out what NASA was hiding and the reason Challenger broke up.

The Chronicles of Narnia - Mom Reviewed - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe [Mainstream]: Mom and her four kids loved this and look forward to the other 3 series in this Narnia DVD set

The Chuck Norris Thrillogy [Mainstream]: Every fake factoid about Chuck Norris ever written in 3 fun books.

The Chuck Norris Thrillogy [Mainstream]: Three very funny books with fake Chuck Norris factoids.

The Cincinnati Kid Blu-ray [Mainstream]: The best poker movie around with McQueen and Edward G. Robinson.

The Color Purple Blu-ray [Mainstream]: The Color Purple belongs on Blu-ray, period.

The Color Purple Blu-ray Digibook [Mainstream]: 11 Oscar nominations and no wins is Finally available on Blu-ray

The Complete First Season: Hex [Horror]: Cassie, a student at Medenham Hall, inadvertently finds herself in the midst of a battle between Heaven and Hell.

The Complete History of the San Francisco 49ers [Documentary]: NFL Films presents the complete history of the San Francisco 49ers.

The Complete History of the Wisconsin Badgers [Documentary]: The history of the Badgers football team with surprisingly little Ron Dayne.

The Complete Third Season: Glee [Mainstream]: Season 3 is messy but the music continues to be very good. Only for serious Gleeks.

The Corpse Bride [Horror]: A stop motion gothic horror comedy!

The Covenant [Horror]: Four young students at an elite private school who are descendants of the original families who settled in Ipswich Colony in the 1600s, are bound by their sacred ancestry and special powers.

The Craft Blu-ray [Horror]: Still a good witch movie some 23 years later.

The Crooked E - The Unshredded Truth About Enron [Mainstream]: Made for TV movie about an insider's job at Enron. Excellent.

The Curse of the Shaman [Science Fiction]: A spur of the moment curse effects the lives of two closely knit families.

The Dark [Horror]: The Dark most certainly pushes all the right scary movie buttons at just the right horror movie time.

The Day That Panicked America [Science Fiction]:

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) - 2-Disc Special Edition [Science Fiction]: Classic science fiction movie is still great: Give peace a chance, or else.

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