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Kalahari - Africa episode 1 - Discovery World March 17th [Documentary]: Excellent even if narration if a bit choppy.

Karate Kid II Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Very good sequel to excellent family movie

Karloff & Lugosi Horror Collection - You'll Find Out [Horror]: Lots of singing and musical numbers in minor horror-ish flick

Karloff & Lugosi Horror Collection - Zombies on Broadway [Horror]: Abbott and Costello style horror comedy without Abbott or Costello

Keaton s Cop - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mainstream]: Bad cop movie with Abe Vigoda and Lee Majors

Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story - CBC March 28th and 29th 8 P.M. [Mainstream]: Very good 2-part hockey biography.

Kelly's Heroes Blu-ray Clint Eastwood [Action]: Very good second generation war movie about a fortune in gold behind enemy likes. Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas star.

Kennedy - Robert Kennedy and His Times [Mainstream]: Excellent 1985 made-for-TV biopic

Kill Me Now - Opens December 5th 2012 [Horror]: Decent enough low budget serial killer indie movie.

Kill The Umpire [Mainstream]: Fun baseball comedy DVD double feature with Safe At Home

Killer Diller [Mainstream]: Feel good movie with comic and dramatic moments. Rain Man meets Sister Act.

Killjoys - Premieres June 19th 9:00 on Space [Science Fiction]: Interesting SF series about bounty hunters slash security personel.

King [Mainstream]: Very good biographical drama about Martin Luther King. Paul Winfield is brilliant as King

King Of Kong: A Fist Full Of Quarters [Documentary]: Who is the greatest Donkey Kong player in the world? It's not just getting to the kill screen it is scoring the most points before you get there that counts.

King Tut Unmasked - Discovery Nov 9th [Documentary]: The most recent research on how Tut died.

King, Stephen Edwin: [Horror]:

Kingdom Hospital - The Beginning [Horror]: Good scary fun

Kiowa Trail [Westerns]: A classic Western tale by the best known name in Westerns was pulled from the dusty shelves to lure a new generation and bring fond memories of vintage 1950's era Hollywood Western movies to older folks.

Kirk Flash Drive 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot [Gadgets]: Way, way cool and includes star trek desktops etc.

Knight and Day - Action Comedy [Action]: Very enjoyable movie even if it includes Tom yech Cruise

Knowing [Science Fiction]: If metaphysics and astrophysics is your balliwick then you will enjoy this Nicholas Cage movie in which the end of days is predicted by a child in the 1950's

Knuckleball! [Documentary]: Excellent baseball documentary about one pitch.

Komodo model [Mainstream]: These shoes were made for walkin

Konga [Horror]: A british guy in a gorilla suit.

Kung Fu - The Complete Second Season [Westerns]: The adventures of Shaolin Monk Kwai Chang Caine as he wanders the American West looking for his long lost brother.

Kung Fu Panda [Mainstream]: Kung Fu Panda Po aspires to being more than he is - starring Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogan and Dustin Hoffman

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black / Jackie Chan [Action]: Great DreamWorks DVD. Voices by Jackie Chan, Jack Black, Lucy Liu

Land of the Dead [Horror]: Action movies where zombies band together against humans.

Lark Rise at Candleford The Complete Season Three [Mainstream]: Excellent BBC drama period costume series

Las Vegas Jailhouse - truTV Sundays 10 P.M. [Mainstream]: Camera crew follows the goings on at the Las Vegas booking facility.

Last Action Hero Blu-ray [Action]: Action movie that pokes fun at the genre at the same time.

Last Flight Home [Documentary]: The story of how the BentProp project finds out what happened to WW II MIAs. Very good documentary.

Last Man On Earth [Horror]: Vincent Price didn't always make gems.

Last Stand At Saber River [Westerns]: Tom Selleck shows a harder side of his persona as a disillusioned Confederate who returns home in the waning days of the Civil War in this adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel.

Last Tango In Paris Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Famous movie mostly for art house fans

Latino Book Month Contest - 5 Book Package from Hachette Book Group [Mainstream]:

Laughology - Directed by Albert Nerenberg [Documentary]: Very entertaining and smart look at the importance of laughter.

Leatherheads [Mainstream]: Entertaining comedy with football and fifties style romantic comedy moments.

Lebanon - Under the Bombs [Foreign Film]: A great film is unique and universal. This is the case for this foreign film.

Lee Atwater - King of Dirty Tricks CBC Newsworld 11/02/08 [Documentary]: Lee Atwater created the Bush empire and Karl Rove. Florida 2000 was small potatoes for this guy

Legion [Horror]: The big guy decides to wipe out mankind, Michael the angel disagrees.

Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1 [Science Fiction]: 4 selected episodes from the Warner Brothers series Legion of Super Heroes - volume one.

Lennon Naked [Mainstream]: Unsatisfying semi biographical yarn about John Lennon

Lethal Weapon Blu-ray [Action]: Not especially different on Blu-ray cop action buddy movie

Letters From Iwo Jima [Action]: Very good, original war movie DVD far superior to Flags of Our Fathers

Lie to Me Season 1 [Mainstream]: Very good TV crime show.

Lie to Me The Complete Third and Final Season [Mainstream]: Very good and unfortunately cancelled TV mystery show.

Like Red on A Rose - Alan Jackson [Westerns]: Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson on the same CD - an unusual pairing that works.

Live Free or Die Hard [Action]: Number four in the Die Hard series and perhaps the best one yet.

Living Proof - Harry Connick Jr. [Mainstream]: True story of doctor finding hope for breast cancer victims.

Locke and Key: Grindhouse [Comic Books]: Locke and Key is a horror comic written by Joe Hill and drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez that I feel everyone should read.

Looker [Science Fiction]: Technological thriller by Michael Crichton that is pretty good.

Looking To Get OUt - A Hal Ashby Film [Mainstream]: Unsatisfying and unfocused Hal Ashby DVD

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume One Blu-ray [Mainstream]: A great collection of Looney Tunes classics including What s Opera, Doc? Duck Amuck, and One Froggy Evening

Lost Boy, Lost Girl [Audio Books]: A woman commits suicide for no apparent reason. A week later, her son -- beautiful, troubled fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill -- vanishes from the face of the earth. To his uncle, horror novelist Timothy Underhill, Mark's inexplicable absence feels like a second death.

Love Lies Bleeding [Action]: Straight to DVD.

Love, Hate & Propaganda Part 1 CBC March 4th 2010 [Documentary]: First of 6 part WW II documentary focusing on the role of propaganda and image making.

Love, Hate, and Propaganda part 5 CBC April 1st 2010 [Documentary]: Part 5 of 6 excellent documentary on the use of propaganda during WW II

Lucky 7 - CITY - Premieres Sept. 24th 10:00 [Mainstream]: Interesting American version of BBC s The Syndicate but will probably not last.

Machete Blu-ray [Action]: Very good over the top violent action movie

Macon County Line [Mainstream]: Drive-in classic seventies movie. Hard to describe but good.

Mad About English - CBC Newsworld July 7th 2008 10 P.M. [Documentary]: It seems everybody in China is learning English. An excellent documentary in The Passionate Eye series

Madagascar Blu-ray - BBC Earth [Documentary]: Excellent 3 episode BBC documentary

Made In Dagenham [Mainstream]: Unionized women fight for equal pay in 1968 Britain even if union is against them.

Madeline - Meet Me In Paris [Mainstream]: 3 episodes of the Madeline cartoon on dvd

Magic Mike [Mainstream]: An older stripper takes a young man under his wing to teach him the ropes of stripping, women and partying.

Magma : Volcanic Disaster [Science Fiction]: A Sci-Fi Channel made for TV disaster movie. Very so so.

Malcolm X Blu-ray Book [Mainstream]: Decent biopic even if Spike Lee gets in the way.

Man Of Steel - Review [Science Fiction]: Review of the June 2013 release of

Manhattan Blu-ray - Woody Allen [Mainstream]: Classic looks superb on Blu-ray but unfortunately no special features

Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore DVD [Documentary]:

Marilyn: The Last Sessions - CBC Newsworld February 15, 2009 [Documentary]:

Marley & Me [Mainstream]: Very good movie but not the dumb movie previews and DVD sales pitch suggest.

Marley & Me Blu-ray 3-Disc Bad Dog Edition [Mainstream]: Family movie about a dog that helps raise a family. Parental supervision needed if you kids is particularly sensitive.

Marley & Me: The Puppy Years [Mainstream]: Straight to DVD prequel is like a B Disney TV movie.

Marmaduke [Mainstream]: Not bad but certainly not a family keeper.

Mars Attacks! Blu-ray [Science Fiction]: Very odd Tim Burton space comedy.

Martha Marcy May Marlene [Mainstream]: Martha aka Marcy May contacts her sister after having been gone for two years. What happened?

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein [Horror]:

Mask of Zorro Blu-ray [Mainstream]: A bit long but quite enjoyable. Looks great on Blu-ray

Masterpiece Theatre - My Family and Other Animals [Mainstream]: Charming if not totally fascinating adaptation of Gerald Durrell autobiography

Masters of Sex [Mainstream]: Excellent series based on the work of sex experts Masters and Johnson

Masters of Sex Season Two [Mainstream]: Excellent Showtime drama about the work of Masters and Johnson.

Meaghan Smith - The Cricket s Orchestra [Mainstream]: Superb. The kind of music that opens your heart.

Medium [Horror]: A woman who can see the dead can solve crimes too.

Medium Versus Ghost Whisperer [Horror]: A take on competing shows with similar premise.

Meet The Sloths - Premieres Nov 23rd Animal Planet [Documentary]: 8 part series on a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Melia Las Antillas Varadero Cuba All-inclusive Resort [Mainstream]: 2 star resort pretending to be 4 stars

Men of a Certain Age - The Complete First Season [Mainstream]: Interesting drama-comedy show about men in their forties.

Mexico - Cinco dias sin Nora - Nora s Will [Foreign Film]:

Mexico - Erendira Ikikunari [Foreign Film]: This foreign film DVD is an absolute jewel and a must see.

Mexico - Lake Tahoe [Foreign Film]: Guy crashes his car and has difficult time getting it fixed in very unusual foreign film

Mexico - Nora s Will / Cinco dias sin Nora [Foreign Film]: Comedy about husband having to fulfill ex-wife s last wishes.

Mexico - The Violin [Foreign Film]: Superb movie about dignity and an old man and his violin.

Michael Powell Films - Age of Consent and A Matter of Life aned Death / Stairway to Heaven [Mainstream]: 2 long lost classic British art house films by director Michael Powell.

Midnight Express - 30th Anniversary Edition [Mainstream]: A young American drug smuggler gets caught with the goods at a Turkish airport and is set to jail.

Midnight Express - Blu-ray [Mainstream]: More or less true story of American imprisoned in Turkey for smuggling.

Mighty B! - We Got the Bee [Mainstream]: Very good and colorful Nickelodeon cartoon DVD

Mildred Pierce Collector s Edition Blu-ray DVD Set [Mainstream]: Excellent adaptaion of James M. Cain novel about woman becoming successful in depression era America

Mill Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Punchline [Mainstream]: Last Comic Standing with funny jokes, funny comedians, and nothing sanitized for prime-time TV.

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